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A series of monthly studies after church, in the Calvin Room at 11 am – usually held on the second Sunday of each month.

These studies are an ideal opportunity to learn more about our faith and to share our experience with others in a non-threatening and very friendly atmosphere.

Whilst the sessions will draw constantly from the Bible as a prime reference, they are certainly not verse-by-verse conventional Bible studies.

2017 Monthly Study Series - "The Parables of Jesus"

Parables 1


We continue our study series in 2017

As usual these will be held after church in the Calvin Room, starting around 11 AM. 

Refreshments are available before we start.


Our meetings are planned for:

September 10th

October 8th

November 12th

The 46 parables that Jesus told in his ministry are a treasure trove of valuable, and sometimes surprising, advice for living. In these studies we will be using film clips, Barclay's legendary commentaries, group discussion and many other supplementary materials.

Here is an opportunity to come, listen, share and learn as we consider the implications of these timeless stories for living in the 21st century.

We run a very friendly and accepting group and all are welcome.

For further details please contact Dr Lawrence Peak on 8065 7286

Lawrence is both a practising scientist and a committed Christian.





Who he is and why he matters





In this series we used study material prepared by Dr John Dickson, co-Director of the Centre for Public Christianity, Macquarie University. There was a DVD presentation, Bible study, free discussion and refreshments at each session.

The topics covered were:

God's Signpost


Kingdom Come

Judge and Friend

Cross Examination

The Resurrection


Details of our 2015 studies are shown below.





Who am I ? What is God like? What happens after I die?
How can I be happy? Why is there suffering in the world?
What is the spiritual world and how does it impact my life?

We used DVD presentations prepared by Paul Griffiths and Martin Robinson from the Ugly Duckling Company in the UK.

Details of our 2014 studies are shown below.

(A Search for the Real Jesus)


Our sessions included video input from Dr. John Dickson, co-Director of the Centre for Public Christianity and Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University.

Who was the real Jesus?

John Dickson set out on a quest right around the world to answer this question.
After the video sessions, there was ample opportunity to discuss all the issues involved.

(Science, Religion and an Evolving Faith)


Painting the Stars


Is there a conflict between science and faith? Is God's gospel also present in the incredible world that modern science is uncovering?

In this series over a dozen leading theologians and progressive thinkers from the United States, Canada and Australia ll addressed these questions. The DVD used was part of the “Living the Questions” study series.

Topics are listed below:

"Towards healing the rift"

"A renaissance of wonder"

"Getting Genesis wrong"

"An evolving faith"

"Evolutionary Christianity"

"Imagining a future"

"An evolving spirituality"