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Finding meaning in Christ, finding purpose in life.





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St Ives Uniting Church reaches out to people in every part of their lives.



Our special events include:

Concerts: We provide top quality events at a reasonable price, and also support and encourage local talent and worthwhile causes, including Trad Jazz, Classical and other styles.

We welcome you and your friends to these events and hope that they enrich your living.

You can see the calendar of Special Events for the year below or ask for it from the Church Office.

For details of our regular worship times please click on the following link. Worship.

For details of Past Events click on the following link. Past Events.

For Stations of the Cross Exhibition images click on the following link. Stations of the Cross

For Stations of Creation Program click on the following link. Stations of Creation


Special Events

Our next Garage Sale will be in May 2020

For further information contact our

Church Office on or phone 9144 5795

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Our last concert finished Sunday August 18 2019 with a superb performance by two of Australia's finest entertainers.

National Living Treasure John Bell and internationally renowned pianist Simon Tedeschi.

Plans for next year's series Magic of Music are now well under way. We look forward to a successful season in 2020.

For 2020 information please contact Mrs. Fay Laginestra on 9144 6044 or Church Office. Please also advise if you would like to be on our mailing list for the Concert Series.


All dates and events may be subject to change

Please contact Church Secretary (02) 9144 5795 for latest info.